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08. What is 19.5 'degree' anyway...

I know, things seem to get cloudier as we move along but this is one of the important numbers that needs to be seen before we continue with the Mayan's Mason, story... as they might be Martians all the same ;)

19.5 degrees north and south are the latitudeswhere the apex points of a star tetrahedra within a sphere will contact that sphere's surface,when one apex is positioned at the north or south pole.

19.5 degrees is the angle that's been found by researchers (Richard C. Hoagland, Stanley McDaniel, Erol Torun, Horace W. Crater, etc.) to be repeatedly encoded in the structures of Cydonia. It is viewed as a definite 'signal in the noise' - some kind of a 'message' left there by some intelligence. 19.5 is called t, the 'tetrahedral constant', because of its significance in tetrahedral geometry (a tetrahedron is a pyramid shape composed of four equilateral triangular sides): the apexes of a tetrahedron when placed within a circumscribing sphere, one of the tetrahedron's apexes touching the north pole, the other three apexes touch the surface of the sphere at 19.5 degrees south latitude. Why this number would be important to the builders of the Martian structures is not clear (though Hoagland is theorizing that it has to do with what he calls "hyperdimensional physics"). mmm... there's a mouth full...

Read the details here, I kindly borrowed a brief :

Here is more interesting information about 19.5 degree...

The SunSunspot activity and the region
of peak temperatures is limited to 19.5° North and South.
VenusThe presumably active major
volcano complexes Alpha and Beta Regio are near 19.5°.
MarsThe vast Olympus Mons shield
cone volcano is at 19.5°.
JupiterThe red spot is at 19.5°.
NeptuneIn 1986 Voyager II discovered a
similar spot at 19.5°.

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and so here is my point about this glorious number...

13 x 13 = 169
13 + 13 = 26

169 + 26 = 195... and we all know how to move a decimal right? ;)

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